Tuesday, 9 October 2012

A Guide to Writing English Essays

It is usually said that writing starts with the habit of reading and when writing English essays this is no different. Regardless of the topic that is written about, all creative writing essays have one common denominator in that they must have a framework and they must be written in a systematic manner. The following is the mode that all essays must follow:-
  • An essay must have an outline.
  • An essay must have a thesis statement.
  • An essay must always have an introduction.
  • An essay must always have a body.
  • An essay must always have a conclusion.
If you want to overcome the struggle that most students go through when writing English essays, you will need to have certain guidelines to help you when writing. Here are some suggestions to help you through the construction of creative writing essay topics.
  • When composing essays, ensure that you stay within the given topic.
  • Writing an English essay requires comprehensive reading and researching so that the appropriate information is gathered.
  • Your discourse when writing English essays needs to be well balanced and must have a basis and must be upheld with proof that has trustworthy sources. Your arguments must also be cultivated rationally and intelligently and must have a progressive and natural continuation that distinctly leads to balanced synopsis.
  • You must always deal with the composition in a manner that shows that you have accomplished and outstanding creative writing essays abilities with the information that was at your disposal.
  •  In the process of a written discourse, you must always endeavor to produce a systematically written essay that has accurate information which shows how proficient you are in your approach, in framework and in your expression in the essay. Ensure that your spelling, your grammar and your punctuation are all presented excellently. Once you have your essay written, proofread it to ensure that there are no such errors.
  • Your essay should have an index that contains all the citations that mention all the quotes that you have used and all the charts and diagrams if any as well as the tables.
Sometimes you might be presented with an essay title that is not a question but is a sentence. What should you then do in the case where you are writing English essays and the titles are not questions? Considering the fact that you must write the essay, any title for an essay is really a question. This is because your opinion is being sought and this is where creative writing essays take shape.

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