Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Important Guidelines to Writing Essays

While you might be saying “I hate writing essays”, it is important to know that writing essays for college is very important. Essays are a reflection of factors that grades will not reveal and when you write them, it is your personality that radiates forth and this is what institutions want to know about. Essays not only give readers a feeling of your personality but also demonstrate your skills and ability to write. 
The following guidelines will help the student that keeps saying, “I hate writing essays”.
  • Your essay writing begins with brainstorming. The beginning of an essay is usually the most difficult part of its writing. Start writing your essay by conceptualizing your charisma and providing an illustration of your strengths.
  •   Always create an initial draft after assembling together your research summaries. You should then develop a framework for your essay and determine where you would like your exemplifications to be placed. Once you have your initial draft, do not be anxious about how perfect it looks. You need to allow your concepts to progress and make corrections later.
  • Your essay must have three portions with an introduction of the essay, a body which will have a number of paragraphs annotates your predominant concept with illustrations and finally a conclusion that should synopsize and bring the essay to a completion.                                                                             View some essay writing tips here.
  • Your essay must have a focal point and this you achieve by determining how a question is connected to your personal attributes and then write on a particular point of view. Ensure that the whole essay has its foundation on your perspective.
  • Honesty is very important in when writing essays for college. Sometimes the essay question might inquire about your attributes or an encounter that gave you the basis for wanting to attend a certain institution. Never fall into the trap of writing content that you believe will influence the institution. Always give an honest reply to the question
  • When you have completed your draft, look for feedback from family members, relatives, friends, tutors or even mentors. While feedback gives you an opportunity to make changes, the essay must remain exclusively yours and your voice must remain dominant on the essay.
  • Once you have made corrections after feedback, you must go through the essay completely and you must edit, proofread your essay. An essay with any types of grammar errors, typos, spelling mistakes or any other negative connotations will not pass the test and will be immediately rejected. You can get someone who has not looked at the essay to have a look and suggest possible corrections.
With such a guideline, students can no longer say “I hate writing essays”, since writing essays for college is not as difficult as they thought. Instead of saying “I hate writing essays”, students can now go about writing essays for college with confidence.

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