Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Understanding English Essay Prompts

The key to writing a good essay lies in the ability to respond to the English essay prompt that the student has been provided with. A comprehension of what the student is being asked to write about is vital so that there is no realization late on into the essay that did not understand grasp the English essay prompt.
It is quite realistic to seek for English essay help to be able to understand the prompt, carry out research and assemble ideas that have a connection with the prompt as this will help the writer to find a concept that responds to the prompt. Online English essay help is available from essay experts who can assist students in determine what the prompt is all about so that they can be in the right direction while writing their essays. There are certain steps that when followed will ensure that you stay within the subject matter of the essay as enumerated below:
  • Always ensure that you read the prompt deliberately instead of skimming through it. While the prompts are not long, they must be read with care for detail in order for the writer to ensure that they comprehend what is being asked before they begin writing. While reading the prompts, you need to think about them and comprehend and absorb their significance and determine the task that the assignment requires of you.
  • Highlight the keywords that are included in the English essay prompts because this is where you will find the subject matter of the essay. The prompt will also give you a clear indication of how you ought to write the subject matter of the essay. The keywords are likely to have action verbs which will communicate to you what action to take and the nouns are an indication of the topics that you will deliberate on in your wiring. Mark these words and pay attention to them throughout the essay writing process.                                                                  Click to view how to write a good essay.
  • By repeating the prompt in your own words, you are able to get a better comprehension of it and to commit it to memory. Try expounding on the prompt to yourself as if you are doing so to a class or to colleagues as this is a great English essay help strategy that will enable you to consider it precisely and grasp it completely.
It is very important that you understand English essay prompts before you begin writing the essay as this will determine whether you get the essay correctly or not. You really will not need to seek for English essay help as long as you can understand the prompt and be able to articulate your ideas in writing.

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