Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The Importance of Writing Essays for Dummies

Essentially, writing essays for dummies has one major objective and that is to help students fine a framework for their essays. The case is the same with writing essays for scholarships because once you have a subject; you need to find some foundational concepts upon which to build your essay’s framework on. There three major elements of essay writing that are required for a student to produce more excellent essays include:
  • An introduction
  • A body
  • A conclusion

A closer look at the three elements of essay writing will help any student understand the purpose why writing essays for dummies is essential for better essays. This understanding will also be quite helpful in writing essays for scholarships since such essays must be distinguished from others for them to work effectively.
The Introduction                                               Click to view tips to writing essays for dummies.
·         Your introduction is an opening that must be captivating and engrossing for your essay to stand out from the other essays. You can use details in an interesting manner; pose a question that arouses curiosity or present information in a stimulating manner in accordance to your comprehension of the topic.
·         The introduction provides your reader with information on the focal point of the essay through a brief inscription of what your essay is about.
·         Conclude the paragraph with a compressed statement that surmises the concept that you have investigated. This must be debatable and not factual.
The Body
·         Have a few paragraphs for the essay’s body. Discuss and reinforce your thesis statement on the body and have a sub topic for each paragraph.
·         Begin by introducing a part of your discourse and provide a basis for it through instances, concepts, verifiable truths and reasoning. Conclude the paragraph with a termination of the sub topic. Use associating phraseology to follow up points and to associate two differing explanations, apply transitional catchwords to assist in concluding a concept.
·         The conclusion should be as interesting as the introduction although intention should be to bring the conceptualization to an end. The conclusion must be clear and definitive and no new concepts should be brought into the essay. It is advisable to make a summation of the major objectives brief phrases to make the culmination of your discourse condensed.
·         Indicate the implication of your main concepts and write something at the conclusion to bubble in the mind of the reader for example an appealing excerpt or appropriate example that has a basis of your treatise.  
When writing essays for scholarships, proofreading the essay before submission is important and this is one major factor that writing essays for dummies advocates. Do this to eliminate grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. It is very important to harmonize your essay from the beginning to the conclusion and this is advocated in writing essays for dummies which demonstrates this as well as provides important factors on writing essays for scholarships. 

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