Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Writing Essays for Kids

Writing essays for kids is crucial because it makes them better writers and readers. Building such a skill allows them to perform well in other subjects, as well. Essay writing develops kids writing skills and broadens their imagination. Practicing how to write essays in a variety of topics improves the ability to use reason in order to make abstract propositions. Usually, the first essays are descriptive or narrative oriented. Kids improve their creativity and reflective abilities, by describing an item.
How to write essays for kids
Usually kids are taught how to write essays beginning with simple topics such as:
-          my best friend
-          my family
-          my favorite teacher
-          my favorite sport
-          my school
This is a critical step in comprehending the general layout of an essay. Kids can proceed to handle advanced topics, having masters the right essay writing techniques and strategies. Usually advanced topics are complex and require kids to gather relevant information in order to build their essays. At this stage, more skills other than descriptive or narrative are required. Most essays may require the kid to argue in favor of or against something. This means that more time will be spent collecting information in order to formulate rational arguments as compared to writing a simple topic.
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The process of writing essays for kids requires excellent organization skills. An essay is written for different purposes, but the structure always remains the same. Regardless of, whether arguing a point, trying to convince the reader, or describing an event, basic structure should not change. The essay will possibly write itself if written in a basic format. A typical essay should have an introductory paragraph; body made of about three paragraphs and a captivating conclusion.
Introduction- this is the first part of the essay that introduces the thesis and provides an overview of the rest what the reader should expect in the paper.
Body- this section comes immediately after the introduction. It consists of several paragraphs that provide detailed explanations and illustrations to support the main topic.
Conclusion- this is the last part of the essay that restates the main topic of the essay.
The following are basic steps to writing essays for kids:
  1. choosing the right topic
  2. gather information about the topic
  3. formulate a thesis statement
  4. arrange ideas starting with the main points
  5. elaborate your points through illustrations
  6. write the final draft
  7. edit and proofread the text

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