Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Important Tips about Writing Academic Essays

Essays are here to stay and most university students will have to write them. While writing academic essays might be a problem for many, it helps to get organized and here are some steps that can take away the complexity of persuasive writing essays.
Always Be Organized
You might be writing academically or professionally, regardless of whether you are writing academic essays or are engaged in persuasive writing essays, it is important to start by getting the instructions right. It helps to read the instructions a few times so that you understand them and after that you can begin to put together your notes and your resources. Being organized and having a plan helps very much in essay writing.

Have an Outline for your Essay
It is very important to have a specific plan that outlines how your essay is going to turn out. A point by point structure for your essay is mush better as you develop a theme for your dissertation. Once you have a structure for your essay, you need to have a foundation upon which you base your discourse. You will also need to have citations that exemplify substantial reasoning so that your essay is authoritative
Formulate an Introduction       
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You must formulate an introduction by determining the major concepts that you would like to conceptualize on your essay. Once you have the concepts they must be the basis for your introduction. You need to present the concepts by using a sentence or two that give a comprehensive overview with the major points in a prominent and clear manner. You must develop your essay in an objective manner so that you not only generates deliberations but also dominates the entire essay and provides a framework for your presentation.
There are other important factors to consider when writing academic essays or are engaged in persuasive writing essays. These include:
  1. Never make statements that have no evidence that is based on an academic source.
  2.   Never make assumptions regardless of how apparent something may be.
  3.  It is important to distinguish between academic language, everyday language and informal language because academic essays must be written in specific terminology.
  4.   Paragraphs must be used when writing academic essays or persuasive writing essays and the paragraphs should have a concept or an illustration instead of having many concepts or illustrations in one paragraph.
  5.  Always edit and proofread your work and ensure that your work is free of grammatical errors and the sentences are properly structured. 

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