Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Descriptive Writing Essays

The first essay a child writes often employs a descriptive or narrative style. Writing essays for kids can be challenging, fortunately only a good memory is needed. A keen imagination is all that is needed in order to breathe life into an object, person or place. For excellent descriptive writing essays, it is necessary to provide accurate descriptions. Most kids fail to get decent grades in their essays because they lack detail needed to impress on a mood.
Descriptive writing essays
When writing essays for kids, keep in mind the following:
  1. Kids are not adults. Their vision is quite colorful as they give life to inanimate objects. They are remarkably inquisitive and put much faith to what an adult says.
  2. Kids’ vocabulary is not as elaborate as that of adults. Avoid complex descriptions that may confuse the child. Use short, clear sentences to describe objects, persons or events.
  3. Kids have a limited ability to integrate formal logic. They must comprehend multiple theories and to generate abstract prepositions.
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Use of descriptive writing in essays is a valuable skill because it helps develop kid’s imagination and reflective ability. Such ability is necessary to sustain the kid through high school and beyond college. Learning how to describe opens up the kid’s creative portal thus making them perceive their surroundings better.
In order to nurture the skill of writing essay for kids using descriptive style, consider the following questions.
  1. What is the best thing to describe, especially to someone hearing it for the first time?
  2. What makes this place, object or person a better option than another?
  3. What does this place, object or person remind me?
  4. How does this thing make me feel?
  5. What reaction do I need to invoke from my reader?
  6. What words and approach will I use to engage the reader in the story?
When writing essays for kids, ensure the essay is well organized. It should be written in a five-paragraph essay format. Remember to being the essay with a captivating introduction. The body should comprise of about three paragraphs that provide detailed descriptions. Finally, do not forget to restate the main idea in the essay.
In order to excel in descriptive essay writing, children are advised to use as many descriptive words as possible.

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