Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The Purpose of Persuasive Writing Essays

The case for persuasive writing essays also known as argumentative essays involves an attempt at using reason to prevail upon a reader to think about what you have written and change their minds in favor of your argument. Persuasive writing essays can also be used to convince the person who reads to take some form of action. Persuasive writing may include accurate and objective facts such as rationality, exemplifications or collation.
The intention of persuasive writing unlike writing essays about literature is never to provide communicative knowledge but affect the reader’s thinking and cause them to consider or contemplate and operate in a certain but specific manner. Editorials, speeches and advertisements are good examples of persuasive writing. The intention of writing essays about literature on the other hand is to attentively analyze and at times assess and critique works of literature.
But the purpose of persuasive writing essays is not only to buttress your viewpoint as the more compelling and convincing argument. You must also provide evidence to show why the contrasting viewpoint is not practicable and feasible. You must furnish suitable proof that brings to prominence the opposing argument’s errors and misconceptions.
When writing essays about literature there is a procedure that must be followed. Just like persuasive writing, essays on literature also require a good expository and allegorical dissertation.
  • With essays on literature, you need to comprehend the questions being asked as your focal point.
  • You need to systematically plan the specifics of a sound theory on essays on literature.
  • At the beginning of every paragraph, your theory must have a strong foundation.
  • Other enclosed paragraphs must also provide your theory with a strong foundation.
  • On the final paragraph, you must reemphasize the theory and also construct your concluding discourse.
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Persuasive essays also have a procedure that must be followed and they too need the right dissertation.
·         With persuasive essays, you must first determine which side of the argument you would like to support and expound on.
  • You need to have the right understanding of the audience that you are addressing and to be aware of their viewpoint. You must know whether they have no definitive persuasion or if they are supportive of one side of the argument.
  • You must carry out your research because a persuasive essay is must be reliant upon substantial and concrete proof. One source of research is never dependable.
  • You also must recognize the most corroborative and accurate proof while carrying out research and also the major themes for the opposite viewpoint.
Both persuasive writing essays and writing essays about literature have a need for an outline as well as a structure and both must be effectively answered. In the end, while the two are dissimilar, they have similarities in that they are both essays. 

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