Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Tips for Writing Scholarship Essays

With essay writing becoming a vital element in gaining educational scholarships, it has become imperative for students to learn the keys to writing great scholarships. If you are one of those students who always say “I hate writing essays” then the following guide might be of significance to you.
  • In the essay writing process, it is important that you write in a personalized style that distinguishes you from other writers. Your presentation must embody and epitomize your character.
  • Choosing a topic when writing scholarship essays is essential. However, it is more essential that you write an article that is too long but to write in a progressive manner that enhances your general deliberation. The topic should thus be a reflection of abilities and your writing style.
  • Some of the reasons why some students say “I hate writing essays” is because they try to write on what they have no knowledge about. It is much better to take a topic that you know and then write in a manner that will give the topic meaning and importance while also being careful not to be too blunt and categorical. Write briefly and ensure that what you write about gives your readers insight into your character and personality.
  • When writing scholarship essays do not engage in writing on strange and unknown subjects. In most cases, institutions are more concerned with your ability to bring out issues and in your character. With so many applications being received by institutions, your essay must be brief and must make a connection.
  • Always ensure that your articles do not have unnecessary statements which are truisms. Your language should never be complicated and your essay must be understandable and should not be written to impress.
While many students complain and say “I hate writing essays” following simple instructions will ensure that a student stays on course for a scholarship. Elimination when writing scholarship essays can come swiftly when instructions are not adhered to. Instead of saying “I hate writing essays” use your essay to recount a story and then let the essay progress along the theme that will create a connection to the essay question on the scholarship. By using a language that is explanatory you ensure that your readers summon into mind your experience. Also importantly, you should avoid any errors when writing scholarship essays as they might make the difference between an essay that is considered and one that is not.

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